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How Employee Benefit Programs Can Support Your DEI Efforts

Your organization has prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) because there are many advantages of having a diverse workforce, including increasing profits, improving productivity, attracting new customers and outperforming nondiverse peers.

Given the importance of DEI, make sure your employee benefit programs are supporting your DEI efforts.

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In an article recently published in the First Quarter 2023 issue of Benefits Quarterly, we discuss two aspects of benefits programs that can reflect an employer’s commitment to DEI: employee choice and benefits equity.

Connecting benefits and DEI

To look at benefits through a DEI lens, consider:

  • Your data on the workforce and patterns of benefit use
  • Employee feedback
  • Social determinants of health and financial well-being

We note five questions employers can ask during this investigative process to glean valuable insights.

To maximize the value of benefits provided to employees, consider developing a distinct DEI-based strategy for each key program area with independent objectives that are tied to project actions and outcome measures.

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Get a copy of the article, with permission from the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists, which publishes Benefits Quarterly.

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