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Family-Building Programs Are Inclusive Benefits

Growing concern about social equity, a heightened commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and an increasingly competitive labor market are propelling many employers to reevaluate their workplace practices, including the benefits they offer to their employees. Many are launching innovative and inclusive approaches.

One such approach that can help employers attract and retain exceptional talent is to offer family-building programs.

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This article, which appears in the Second Quarter 2022 issue of Benefits Quarterly, discusses family-building programs that can encompass in vitro fertilization, fertility preservation and egg freezing as well as gestational surrogacy and adoption support.

The article covers:

  • A framework for evaluating whether benefits are inclusive, including five key questions employers should ask themselves
  • Factors driving the need for family-building benefits
  • Costs associated with family-building benefits
  • Why not offering family-building benefits often leads to higher costs and poorer outcomes
  • How to design an inclusive benefits program
  • The role of family-building benefits in a larger family-friendly benefits strategy

An inclusive health benefits strategy

Family-building programs help millennials, who are waiting longer than previous generations to start families. They’re also a welcome benefit for single employees, LGBTQ+ employees and those who had serious health conditions that affected their fertility.

Aspects of a comprehensive family-building program

A comprehensive family-building program might include these elements:

  • Fertility support
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Maternal health programs
  • Parental and caregiving leave
  • Adoption resources
  • Childcare support

A comprehensive, family-building benefits package that includes a managed fertility benefit can reduce an employer’s healthcare costs and improve outcomes.

Key takeaways

Family-building benefits address the needs of an evolving workforce and are less costly than many plan sponsors imagine. They also help organizations achieve their DEI goals.

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