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Employer Poll on the Evolving Employer-Employee Social Contract

Most employers believe the pandemic has changed both their expectations of employees and their employees’ expectations of their organization. And those new expectations are here to stay.

That’s what more than 150 midsize to large employers said during our spring 2022 poll exploring the changing employer-employee social contract. The organizations represent several industries, including private companies, nonprofits, higher education institutions and the public sector.

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We also asked whether their HR policies and positions on social, economic and political stances matter to their buyers. See what they told us.

Employer and employee expectations have changed


88% of employers polled told us that organizational expectations of current employees and new hires have changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

This means that what they need from their people, and how they expect their people to show up for work, has evolved as a result of the pandemic. This includes increased flexibility, a willingness to work differently, the need to communicate and collaborate in new ways, and increased use of technology-based tools, among others.


98% of employers said their employees’ expectations of how they work and of how the organization supports them have also changed.

This may require that organizations reevaluate their HR and employee benefit policies and programs to determine what permanent adjustments should be made. This includes more frequent and transparent communication from leadership, employee benefits that better reflect employees’ life cycle needs, stronger training and career navigation support and skilled managers who look for signs of burnout, mental health needs and employee satisfaction.

Changed Expectations


There’s consensus that changes will be permanent


98% of employers told us these new expectations are “the new normal” for the organization.


99% of employers said they think employees’ changed expectations are permanent.


Permanency of Changes

How’s the changing employer-employee social contract impacting your organization?

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