Employee Value Proposition—The Right Number for the Right People

We can help your organization adopt a more strategic, comprehensive and integrated approach to total rewards that includes financial and non-financial rewards. Under this approach, we prioritize your rewards investments according to the needs and preferences of key talent segments in your organization.

employee value proposition

Setting your employee value proposition

Just as your organization has unique needs that need to be met in order for you to reach success, the people you depend on each have their own requirements for coming into work each day. Figuring out what makes your worforce tick and making sure your organization matches their wants can be a daunting challenge.

Fortunately, we're pros in assessing each organization on a case-by-case basis to help you determine how to keep your current employees while also bringing in new talent.

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How we'll help with employee value proposition

Our team helps you build a employee value proposition framework right for your organization by looking at what you currently offer (and where you can improve) through the lens of the following five elements that motivate employees:

  • Compensation: The money employees receive for their work and performance.
  • Benefits: Indirect compensation including health, retirement and time off.
  • Work content: The satisfaction employees receive from their work.
  • Career: The long-term opportunities employees have for development and advancement.
  • Affiliation: The feeling of belonging employees have toward the organization.

Our experts collectively possess decades of experience assessing organizations of all types and sizes, and we promise to give you advice on how to improve on the five points listed above that's perfectly tailored for your organization.

Finding the solution right for you

The first action we always take with a client is also the most important one: to listen. After you tell us about your worries with your current employee value proposition, we'll work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to nail down the following tasks:

  • Defining a distinctive EVP: We use a combination of diagnostic and sensing methods to design a distinctive value proposition for your organization.
  • Branding: We use leading-edge communications, media, learning and technology approaches to turn your EVP into accurate and compelling images and messages that are consistently reinforced internally and externally.
  • Identifying strengths and gaps: In order to motivate and retain current employees, a distinctive EVP has to be effective. We measure gaps in the delivery of the EVP, isolate them by employee segment and determines their causes.
  • Designing and implementing programs to close gaps: We help clients design and implement programs to close gaps in the EVP and move closer to stated goals.

Designing a new employee value proposition isn't easy or simple. But with the right help, it doesn't have to be stressful and we promise to leave your organization better equipped to retain and attract star talent.

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