Webinars and Events | April 15, 2021

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The coupling of virtual technologies with remote medicine disrupts the idea that having a regular relationship with a local primary care provider which is necessary to manage chronic illness and overall health and well-being.

Younger generations prefer interacting with the health system in the same way they purchase other goods and services, virtually and on-demand. Expectations are high for on-demand access to information on costs, quality and satisfaction.

Father And Daughter Having A Video Call With Their Doctor

Here's what you will learn

In this 60 minute webinar held on May 5, you’ll:

  • Learn which clinical categories are most appropriate for a digital solution
  • Gain insight into some of the prominent companies that are emerging in this field
  • Learn to identify the best digital therapeutics to match the needs of the population
  • Learn how these programs can potentially reduce medical claims and create a healthier workforce


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