News and Press | October 21, 2020

Optimizing Your Approach to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

"Purchase cyber liability insurance. it will help limit your cost exposure and mitigate your risk."

"Encrypt everything so that in the event your data is stolen, it can’t be read. While somebody may have accessed your data, if they can’t read it, your exposure will be limited."

"Perform regular phishing tests of your staff. Since users are the weakest link in the information security chain, phishing tests are extremely important. Train users on to how to identify phishing emails and what to do and not to do after receiving a phishing email."

Here's what Stuart Lerner, Segal's Administration and Technology Consulting Practice Leader, told Authority Magazine in a recent interview about cybersecurity optimization.

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Are you doing enough?

If you're not sure whether your cybersecurity efforts are up to par, you can contact Stuart directly.

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