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Segal Benz: How to Discuss Recent COVID-19 Legislation

The CARES and Families First Acts were passed to help Americans and businesses weather the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 virus. 

The Acts focus heavily on leave and have a range of implications for retirement and health plans, leading to employees and plan participants asking how the details may apply to them.

Segal Benz, our communications practice, has specific guidance on what you can say about these new laws and what else you should include when communicating the changes.

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Read the blog post for insight on how to talk to employees about the new legislation.

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What to tell your people

The communications team at Segal Benz breaks down what each relevant aspect of the legislation means for you, and what you can tell your people to effectively communicate the change. 

For example: as a result of the bills, health plans can’t charge employees and their families for COVID-19 tests or test-related services and vaccines.

We recommend that you say this yo your people: "You will not have to pay for COVID-19 testing, test-related office visits, and vaccines."

Then, when you communicate, you should include the following: "Access to preventive care and COVID-19 tests; how to safely make an office visit; vaccines will be free of charge."

The article covers what you should say and what you should communicate for various aspects of both bills. 

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