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Career Growth Consulting Gives Your Organization a Path to Success

Without a clear path of career advancement your people will become discouraged and inefficient, and the talent you want to keep will move on to opportunities elsewhere. 

Attracting high-value employees to your organization is only half the battle. Unless your people feel they can find significant career growth with your organization, they’ll move on to greener pastures and leave you having to start from scratch. Focusing on career growth will help you get the most out of your best people and save you money (and stress) by reducing turnover.

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Guiding career growth

Some of the common issues our team of experts have seen organizations struggle with in regards to career growth strategies include:

  • The natural pyramid hierarchy of most organizations leads to career advancement bottlenecks that eventually frustrate and disengage high-potential employees.
  • Career progression opportunities are often unclear to employees and guidelines to support progression do not exist.
  • Organizations do not know how to retain high performers, which leads to higher turnover and a less productive workforce, increasing overall costs for the organization.

While these types of career growth problems crop up at nearly every organization, you can resolve them with the proper planning and execution.

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How we can help with career growth strategies

Our team recognizes that your organization has its own unique challenges and will work with you to develop a custom plan that’s right for you. Broadly speaking, we’ll help you with the following steps:

Understand the benefits of establishing a career growth plan. Having a career growth plan can help organizations understand where their talent is concentrated, how prepared they are to meet future human resources challenges and how key employees can be developed and retained, while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of the organization.

Develop a tailored career growth plan. We work with senior leadership to define the organization’s career development philosophy based on current business context. Our team also ensures that the newly developed career growth plan aligns and integrates with the key issues and concerns of the organization.

Implement the career growth plan. Once the strategies have been established, we work with leadership and HR to carefully plan successful implementation. Implementation planning includes identifying how employees fit within the new career growth plan, training managers and employees, and determining how to use the plan to support targeted employee development opportunities.

One example of career growth consulting

Below you'll find just one example of how our performance and rewards practice helped a client develop a successful career growth model, stemming turnover in the process.

The issue

An international consulting firm was experiencing unacceptably high levels of turnover among its technology professionals.

Our solution

In response, our team:

  • Developed a career management solution to redefine the success profile of technology professionals and more directly align the firm’s skill sets with client demands.
  • Created a career model to accommodate and support the revised success profile and optimize the capabilities of various employee populations.
  • Reconciled the needs of the business with the needs of employees, thus creating a more cohesive and executable company strategy.
  • Proposed future work on the solution to include the introduction of modified management practices in the areas of performance management and recruiting and selection.
  • Development of a rewards strategy to align and support the newly developed career strategy.

The result

By addressing the root causes of the problem, our team helped the firm create a stronger performance culture and successfully encouraged their most-valued employees to stay with them.

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