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Employment Practices Liability Insurance Helps Protect You From Your Employees' Mistakes

Baseball may claim the title of America’s pastime, but for employers it can seem like lawsuits run a close second. The bevy of federal and state regulations protecting your people from wrongful acts during the employment process (including sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and more) means the actions of anyone in your employ could open the entire company to painful and punitive legal action.

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Why you need employment practices liability insurance

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) helps ease the financial burden your organization would bear should you find yourself embroiled in certain types of lawsuits. EPLI is designed to cover the defense, settlement and judgment costs with directors and officers, management personnel, and employees as insureds.

Some important reasons EPLI is worth the investment include:

  • Lawsuits can be timely, costly and lead to lower morale, less productivity and lost revenue.
  • As employment law trends such as ADA Title III regulations emerge, there is a greater need for EPLI coverage.
  • Third parties can bring allegations of discrimination and harassment, and file lawsuits.

Questions about EPLI? We have answers.

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Why you should choose Segal to help you with your EPLI

While you can purchase an employment practices liability insurance policy as a stand-alone product, it’s commonly sold as part of a broader management liability package policy.

Our insurance professionals can help you review these policies to make sure you’re getting the coverage that protects your business—not just any business.

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