Webinars and Events | October 6, 2021

Segal's 15th Annual Multiemployer IT Summit

The Summit held on October 6 was virtual this year. In these uncertain times, we know hosting an in-person event is a challenge for many of us, so we brought the Summit to your desktop.

This was an excellent opportunity for technology professionals, plan administrators and other fund office staff to come together and learn how to take advantage of the latest trends for increasing fund office efficiency.

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Don’t have time to watch a video right now? No worries. Here is a copy of the presentation.

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Event Agenda

Session One

Innovation and automation during and after COVID-19: How are fund offices planning to migrate back to in-person work?

In this panel discussion, we’ll focus on the strategic and operational considerations that fund offices face when deciding how to move their staff back to the office, either fully or partially. The session will provide four different case studies with emphasis on HR considerations, productivity, technology and innovation.


Sandy Taylor, Senior Consultant, Administration and Technology Consulting, Segal


David Wilsey, IT Director, United Mine Workers of America Health and Retirement Funds

Nafeeza S. Ramlochan, Director of Operations & Organizational Development, United Association National Pension Fund

Maria Jimenez, Chief Operating Officer, Peace Officers Research Association of California, Insurance and Benefits Trust

Richard P. Krueger, III, Co-Administrator, Steamship Trade Association – International Longshoremen’s Association, Pension, Benefits, and Severance & Annuity Trust Funds

Session Two

Information security governance

In this session, you’ll learn about the three pieces of non-regulatory guidance recently released by the DOL that focus on reducing cybersecurity risks in ERISA retirement plans. These items are the first official guidance from the DOL on this increasingly critical issue. This guidance does not specifically address ERISA group health and welfare plans, but there appears to be no reason why the reasoning of the approach and the best practices and tips identified would not apply to such plans — and many health and welfare trusts are already proceeding with this approach.

We’ll discuss:

  • Cybersecurity program best practices for the trust itself, the fund administrative office or its TPA
  • Tips for hiring a service provider that follows strong cybersecurity practices, including how to contract with and then monitor ongoing cybersecurity
  • Practical online security tips we all can use in our day-to-day operations


Michael Stoyanovich, Vice President, Administration and Technology Consulting, Segal

Session Three

Roundtable breakouts

Participants will break out into roundtable sessions to discuss and share insights into the topics presented in the panel discussion and the information security governance presentation.

Wrap-up and summary

We will reconvene to discuss the observations and comments from the breakout sessions and continue to share best practices.

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