Reports and Surveys | December 8, 2020

2021 Compensation Planning Analysis

The data in this meta-analysis provides a snapshot from earlier this year of what employers had planned for their 2021 compensation.

Since the economic effects of the pandemic have made themselves more fully known, it's likely the projections in this report differ from what many employers actually have budgeted for next year's compensation.

However, we're fully confident that this data still holds high value for you and your organization. The advice we offer on how to approach your own compensation budgeting remains relevant regardless of the projections, and the data itself tells you how certain industries react in a crisis.

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How this report helps you

In addition to industry-specific data, this report also contains our latest thinking on what HR strategies will help your organization succeed. Inside you'll find our recommendations on:

  • Updating your employee value proposition
  • Making the most of your available salary budget
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Investing time in recognition programs for employees
  • Encouraging paid time off 
  • Engaging in career development conversations 

Download the report and get ready to start planning for the future.

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