2019 Enrolled Actuaries Meeting

April 7, 2019 - April 10, 2019

Washington, DC

2019 Enrolled Actuaries Meeting

Topic — "Dialogue With and Update From the PBGC for Multiemployer Plans"

Speaker — Jason L. Russell, Segal, Washington, DC

Co-Speakers — Darren Michael, French Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.  James J. Donofrio, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. Theodore A. Goldman, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. Hilary Duke, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

Topic — "ASB Standards for Pension Actuaries"

Speaker — Tammy F. Dixon, Segal, Washington, DC

Co-Speakers — Mita Drazilov, Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company.  Stephen T. McElhaney, Cheiron, Inc. 

Topic — "Public Pension UAAL: A Closer Look"

Speaker — Paul Angelo, Segal, San Francisco 

Co-Speakers — William R. Hallmark Cheiron, Inc.  Adam J. Reese PRM Consulting Group 

Topic — "Multiemployer Pension Reform Act (MPRA) Evolution: Benefit Suspension Experiences"

Speaker — Eli Greenblum, Segal, Washington, DC

Co-Speakers — Paul Lowell Graf, Rael & Letson. Joshua Goodwin, Milliman Inc.  Boris Vaynblat, The McKeogh Company 

Topic — "Q&N/As: The Known Unknowns"

Speaker — Jeffrey Litwin, Sibson, New York

Co-Speakers — James G. Berberian, Buck. Eric A. Keener, Aon. Michael F. Pollack, Willis Towers Watson

Topic — "Multiemployer Plans Workshop"

Speaker — Tammy F. Dixon, Segal, Washington, DC

Co-Speakers — Joseph F. Hicks, CBIZ Retirement Plans Services 

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