2019 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey

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Please complete each section to the best of your ability. If any questions are not relevant to your organization, or you do not have information for all breakdowns requested, simply leave the item(s) blank.

Please return the completed questionnaire to Ingrid Nasser at inasser@segalco.com by Friday, June 8th.

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About the Survey

The survey is organized into two main sections:

  • Section I: Projected & Actual Trend
    –  We request information based on your projected trend factors that are to be applied to all insured plans for calendar year 2019. If you do not offer an insured product, you are asked to provide expected annual increase in per capita claim costs (before plan changes). Projected trend should reflect anticipated rate of change applied to claim experience for the 2019 plan year and should exclude any margin.

    –  We are also requesting actual trend rate experience for the 2017 plan year, based on your historic per capita claim cost increase (before plan changes) experienced for your group health plan book of business.

    –  Please specify if trends are national and/or regional and complete separate forms if your firm establishes more than one set of trend rates to reflect regional variations.
  • Section II: Supplemental Questionnaire
    – This section addresses factors contributing to trend (e.g., price inflation, utilization increase), breakdown of trend by component (e.g., hospital, physician, Rx), specialty/biotech drugs, breakdown of projected provider network allowance increase, 2017 actual prescription drug PMPY claim cost trend before and after rebates, and the most common cost containment strategies implemented in 2018 by your large group plan sponsors.
  • You’ll receive an advance, complimentary copy of the survey report– before it’s released to the public.

Confidentiality Agreement

  • Segal agrees to treat any information received by your company as confidential and proprietary.
  • Your response will be recorded in aggregate with other survey respondents, and the survey report will be of composite results. Individual responses will remain anonymous and will not be associated with any particular company or organization.
  • If you would like your company’s name listed as a participant in the survey, please note your preference on the top of the survey form (under the General section).

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